Root Zone Antitranspirant

  • Drench into soil prior to any expected environmental stress.
  • Use prior to digging, shipping, display, transplanting or extreme weather.
  • One application can protect plants from water stress for up to three weeks.
  • GRAS material — Requires no EPA or FDA approval

Root-Zone is an entirely new type of anti-transpirant that is drenched into the soil. Unlike typical spray anti-transpirants that attempt to plug stomatal openings with a film, Root-Zone is a humectant formulation that is drenched into the root system. This conditions the plant to produce additional amounts of abscisic acid (ABA) thus closing the stomata and reducing its own transpiration rate naturally. Root-Zone anti-transpirant is most effective on all types of containerized plants.




Root-Zone should be drenched into the soil or soilless media of all containerized plants prior to transplanting, storing, shipping or display. It should also be used to protect plants against extreme weather conditions or any other possible environmental trauma that can cause transpiration stress. Transpiration manifests itself in plants through wilting, turgidity loss and drying. These concerns can be eliminated with a single drench application of Root-Zone prior to the expected problem. Use Root-Zone anytime high quality appearance and hardiness need to be maintained.


GROWERS AND NURSERIES (For containerized plants, including plugs, liners, B&B, bagged roses and trees)
Transplanting and Plant Establishment – Drench thoroughly prior to planting. Drench after planting if water supply will be limited.
Shipping – Apply prior to shipping or display.
Display -Improves shelf life quality and appearance – reduces watering needs.LANDSCAPERS: Root-Zone can improve transplant success rate by over 100%, especially during difficult environmental conditions. No one wins when plants have to be replaced. It is tough on the pocket book and reputation. EXTERIOR GROUNDS MAINTENANCE: If you have to water every other day and could change that to every two or three days imagine the water and labor costs you could save. It also means a healthier plant by reducing root disease from over watering. INTERIOR PLANT MAINTENANCE: Those who are responsible for watering and maintaining plants indoors can appreciate the potential cost saving of doubling the time between watering. Root-Zone is the perfect solution for hotels, public buildings and interior-scapers. HOME OWNERS: The most popular use is to protect containerized plants both indoors and outdoors during your absence. Root-Zone can keep your plants safe twice as long. Gardeners should use Root-Zone any time they transplant or expect extreme weather, (heat wave, unseasonable frost etc.). TURF GRASS PROFESSIONALS: