Nuke em


Kills Mites  •  Aphids  •  Thrips  •  Mildew  •  Mold

Natural Insecticide and Fugicide for Plants

  • Made from food-grade ingredients
  • Can use on or after day of harvest
  • Apply prior to beneficial insect control

What is Nuke em?

Nuke em is a safe and effective naturally brewed insecticide/fungicide designed to exterminate small pests like Spider Mites, Whiteflies, Aphids, Powdery Mildew or Molds. Nuke em is generally regarded as ‘Skin Contact Friendly’ when used as directed. Nuke em uses no petroleum, plant oils, chemical detergents, chemical surfactants, soaps, perfumes or carcinogenic ingredients in its formulation that would make the sick sicker or alter the smell or taste of plant flowers or produce. Nuke em’s formula is made with 100% food grade ingredients that are commonly found in bread.

Why Use Nuke em?

Nuke em represents the very best and latest discoveries in the science of natural chemistry and symbiosis. Nuke em is generally considered ‘Skin Contact Safe’ and easy for people to use. Therefore, it is safe for pets, livestock and wild animals. Nuke em replaces old style insecticides/fungicides that have been linked to cancer, ailments and environmental pollution.

We must protect our natural resources; Nuke em will not hurt ground water, streams, rivers, lakes or beneficial micro-organisms in the soil like other insecticides. Nuke em will not slow the growth of plants like oil and detergent-based insecticides. Thanks to recent technological breakthroughs, Nuke em is the very best insecticide/fungicide on the market today!

When Do You Use Nuke em?

Nuke em should be applied to leaf surfaces when in- sects, mildew or molds are present. It should be applied at the coolest part of the day and/or when wind is low so that the contact time with pests is as long as possible. Nuke em can be applied throughout the growing season and may be used the day of harvest or even after harvest should the need arise. Nuke em should be used before beneficial insects are released for a successful beneficial insect control program. Let Nuke em dry before releasing the beneficial insects.

How Does Nuke em Work?

The inert ingredients in Nuke em quickly work to dispense and drive the Potassium Sorbate into the body of the organism. This process kills the insect, egg or fungus within a short period of time. Once Nuke em has dried, its ingredients go dormant but will be reactivated by high humidity or micro sprays of water. This reactivation process will help keep new molds and mildew spores from easily spreading.


Let’s recap:

  • Nuke em can reduce the instances of Worker Comp Insurance claims and/or the chances of litigation from exposure to toxic pesticides/fungicides.
  • Nuke em is‘Skin Contact Friendly’ which is extremely important for the well being of crop maintenance personnel who are the backbone of crop protection.
  • Nuke em’s breakthrough technology formula is made from food grade ingredients; ingredients commonly found in a loaf of bread. How amazing is that!
  • Beneficial insect control friendly; release beneficial insects after Nuke em has dried.
  • Nuke em replaces toxic chemicals, detergents, surfactants, petroleum, heavy metals and plant oils that are harmful to ground water, streams and biologically diverse soil.
  • Nuke em will not slow plant growth like oil- and surfactant- based pest management products; it will not reduce light to the leaf or clog stomata.
  • Nuke em will not lower the value of produce; it will not alter aroma or taste.
  • Nuke em may be used on the day of or after harvest to control pests and enhance shelf life.
  • Nuke em effectively kills and controls powdery mildew and molds.
  • Last but not least, Nuke em kills leaf dwelling pests, their eggs and larvae on contact.