Moisturin Antitranspirant

  • Protects plants against drought, frost damage and adverse weather conditions.
  • Stops moisture loss during harvest, winter storage, shipping and transplanting.
  • Safe – Easy to use – No danger of plant phytotoxicity – Non-Ionic
  • No negative effect to photosynthesis or gas transfer

Moisturin is now better than ever! Wellplant announces the new generation of Moisturin, the Ultimate Plant Protector. Read about it here.

Moisturin is a dual-purpose clear liquid plant coating that forms a prophylactic shield on plants and significantly reduces plant stress due to water loss. This physical barrier also protects the plant against UV degradation, frost, windburn and acid rain. With a single application of Moisturin you create multiple benefits for your trees and plants. This is extremely cost effective for the grower.




University and field tests have shown Moisturin to be the most effective of all antitranspirants and anti-desiccants. Why is this? Moisturin uses a completely different chemistry than typical foliar antitranspirants.Moisturin ’s patented formula contains a tough adhesive polymer that has an extremely efficient vapor transmission rate. This polymer allows Moisturin to be used at any dilution with virtually no danger of plant phytotoxicity. Moisturin is fortified with two high-grade surfactants, a UV inhibitor and a waterproofing agent to prevent the dried film from leeching off the plant surface. Moisturin enhances plant appearance with a slight gloss coating and will not stick in sprayers like standard antitranspirants. Moisturin is non- phytotoxic to plants at any dilution. Moisturin is extremely effective as a frost protector. As an antitranspirant and anti-desiccant, Moisturin can be applied to dormant woody plants to reduce water loss during harvest, storage, shipping and re-planting. It improves the survival of trees and plants exposed to any type of stress, especially species that are sensitive to water-loss. Moisturin is effective for roses, cane-berries, fruit trees and ornamentals. It is especially effective for big leaf evergreens during extreme cold conditions.


Spraying Moisturin on a plant is like wrapping the plant in a clear, strong membrane, forming a physical barrier on the plant surface to protect it against all types of damage. This is an entirely new concept in total plant protection and it comes with the additional benefits offered by the best of the foliar anti-transpirants. Moisturin ‘s unique new approach to plant protection is not a cure-all but it does offer the option to protect plants in a gentler way. Moisturin will have no impact or negative effect on ground water or soil. It is completely safe and offers no hazard to the persons that handle it.


  • CHRISTMAS TREES AND GREENERY: Moisturin extends the life of cut Christmas trees, holly and wreaths by reducing water loss through the needles and stems. Moisturin antitranspirant keeps cut evergreens green for longer periods of time and reduces needle drop. Moisturin antitranspirant improves the appearance of trees and greens by providing a healthy looking clear glossy coating.
  • OTHER USES FOR MOISTURIN: Moisturin is excellent for use in the propagation of hardwood and softwood cuttings, storage of bulbs and tubers, budding and grafting of plants. It can be applied to pruning cuts to prevent excessive moisture loss and it reduces access of disease and insects through the cut area. It also reduces water loss and water uptake of seedlings during germination. Use Moisturin antitranspirant any time reduction of water loss would benefit plant quality and survival. Moisturin concentrate also reduces the amount of irrigation water required and the labor cost of applying it.