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Welcome to WellPlant, Inc.

WellPlant specializes in the best moisture retention technology that keeps plants fresh and healthy. Our unique products protect plants against environmental stressors such as heat, cold and wind – and other stresses such as digging, storage, transporting and transplanting.

Our WellPlant team is committed to providing excellent customer service along with a dedication to helping you grow the healthiest happiest plants possible.

So no more worries about wilting, tired looking, dried out vegetation. WellPlants products will keep your plants looking and feeling fit, strong and vigorous. We invite you to put our products to work and see for yourself.




The best foliar antitransiprant ever made. Now even better!

Root Zone Antitranspirant


A unique new drench-in antitranspirant and plant conditioner.

Nuke Em Natural Insecticide and Fungicide for Plants


Natural Pesticide and Fungicide for Plants.

Z7 Root and Equipment Cleanser for Soil and Hydroponics


Water Conditioner for Soil, Roots and Irrigation Systems

Product Testing

Product Testing

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Wellplant Partners with Vecchio Trees

Vecchio award winning trees are treated with Moisturin and Root Zone prior to digging, boxing and transporting. In addition, all Vecchio Trees are sold with a Moisturin and Root Zone warranty package that guarantees trees will maintain health, beauty and vitality during transplanting and the year following its move.

Protect Hardscape Surfaces with Mold Manager

Keep your hardscape surfaces looking beautiful. Mold Manager has a unique formula that provides long-term protection against the growth and regrowth of mold, mildew, algae, and moss. An annual application of Mold Manager will keep unsightly Mold, Mildew, Algae and Moss from getting a foothold in your patios, decks, stepping stones, arbors, retaining walls, paver stones, etc…